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2T Stalker Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance

What kind of basic skills should a scout possess? Most critical ones are high intellectual level, capability to rapidly respond to a varying situation, and availability of adequate surveillance and communications assets. At the same time a scout shall remain stealthy, mobile, protected, and capable to fire back.

What are the primary saboteur skills? These are grand mastery in various kinds of weapons plus all skills typical to a scout.

2T Stalker CVR

Based on these assumptions the Belarusian Minotor-Service Enterprise has developed an armored fighting (reconnaissance) vehicle designated the 2T. The vehicle has been developed jointly with the leading development and production companies from Belarus and Russia.

Weapon System

The 2T equipment and weapon system is based on a mobile high-speed tracked chassis.

2T Stalker CVR

The 2T weapon system comprises:

The fire control system ensures simultaneous engagement of two targets, e.g. an armored threat by the anti-tank missile, and infantry by the automatic grenade launcher.

Surveillance System

The vehicle surveillance equipment is a brand new multi-channel day/night optical electronic suite.

2T Stalker Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance

The surveillance equipment ensures:

  • automatic selection and tracking of moving targets
  • laser and optical range-finding
  • automatic long-range transmission of the collected data

The ammunition, fuel, water and rations carried by the vehicle provide for a continuous autonomous vehicle and crew operation without logistic support.

Except the ammunition for its main armament the vehicle is capable of carrying additional equipment comprising land mines and special equipment pods.


The vehicle superb agility is provided by a diesel engine, hydromechanical transmission, hydrostatic steering, and hydropneumatic suspension.

2T Stalker Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance

The vehicle easily negotiates and natural and artificial obstacles, and is capable of making 10m ramp-jumps. At the same the crew notes a surprisingly low level of load and noise for an armored object. The physical load for the driver is similar to that of a regular car. During the backward motion the can use a rear-view TV-camera.


The vehicle is fitted with a multi-level protection system. The primary protection provisions are speed and manoeuvrability. Then comes reduced radar, infra-red and optical signature. The low visibility in the radar band is provided by a special hull shape and the use of special materials and coating. One of the thermal protection features is the use of passive night vision devices.

2T Stalker Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance

Another level of protection is ensured by a self-protection and laser-warning suite. As the vehicle is exposed to laser radiation, the crew is notified about it, and smoke flares are fired in the direction of the radiation source. Finally, the armor protection. The crew is protected from 35mm rounds through the frontal arc. The vehicle anti-mine protection is equal to that of the main battle tanks.

2T Stalker Specications

Crew, men 5*
Combat weight, t 27.4
Top speed, km/h 115
Fuel range, km 1000
Anti-mine protection MBT-type
NBC protection overpressure
Power train diesel engine with hydromechanical transmission
Suspension hydropneumatic

* + 1 casualty on stretcher in medevac role

Weapon System

Automatic cannon 30mm 2A42 (500 rounds)
Coax machine gun 7.62mm PKT (2000 rounds)
Missile system 2 twin launchers with 4 ready-to-launch missiles (6 reloads)
Missile types anti-tank and anti-air
Automatic grenade launcher 30mm AG-17 (166 rounds)
Anti-tank mines 12