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3T Omni-Role Tracked Carrier

Minotor-Service presents 3T fast tracked vehicle designed for high-maneuver and high-speed operations on a cross-country terrain.

3T Omni-Role Tracked Carrier

The vehicle is fitted with a diesel engine and hydrostatic steering which provide high speed, superb manoeurability, as well as easy and simple control.

The vehicle accommodates the driver and 5 fully equipped crew members. The placement of the crewmen provides full circular surveillance capability.

The vehicle tonnage and the water-proof hull provide amphibious capability with the vehicle propelled by the tracks. Waterjets or marine propellers can be fitted on Customers request.

3T OTC Layout

The vehicle components are located throughout the hull ensuring most optimal weight distribution.

3T Omni-Role Tracked Carrier

The powerpack is located in the middle of the hull and comprises the engine and the automatic transmission. The hydrostatic steering is installed in the front part of the vehicle. The cooling unit is positioned in the rear on each side of the hull.


The layout and design of the vehicle ensure installation of various types of weapon systems.

3T Omni-Role Tracked Carrier

Weapon options range from heavy machine guns and grenade launchers to surface-to-air and anti-tank missiles, providing advanced mobility of the units and enhanced combat capabilities:

3T OTC Specifications

Vehicle type fast tracked chassis
Combat weight, kg 4000
Payload, kg 900
Dimensions (L × W × H), mm 4720 × 2500 × 1600
Road clearance, mm 345
Wheel track, mm 2200
Average specific ground pressure, kgf/cm² 0.6
Max turn radius, mm 1100*
Max speed over highway, km/h 80+
Average speed over dirt road, km/h 40
Average fuel consumption per 100km, kg 30
Average engine oil consumption per 100km, kg 0.03
Fuel range, km 400+
Max gradient / side slope, deg. 30 / 21
Water obstacle fording, propelled by tracks
Water speed, km/h 5
Water entry angle, deg. not more than 10
Water exit angle, deg. not more than 8

* pivot turn