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CM30 One-Man Turret

The CM30 one-man turret is designed for installation on a wide lange of light-weight armored vehicles:

  • BTR-60, BTR-70, and BTR-80 wheeled armored personnel carriers
  • BTR-50PKM and OT-62 Topaz tracked armored personnel carriers
CM30 One-Man Turret

The weapon system of the turret comprises:

The fire control system comprises:

  • combined (day, active-passive night) gunner sight
  • 2-plane stabilizer and stabilized weapon laying system

The CM30 control system ensures:

  • day/night target acquisition and identification
  • effective fire-on-the move ground target engagement capability

The CM30 turret is fitted with smoke grenade dispenser system used for setting smoke screens and vehicle camouflage.

The weapon system is stabilized in 2 planes. The module has full electric power traverse through 360° and -4°...32° elevation. Manual controls are provided for emergency use.

CM30 General Specifications

Turret weight, kg 1300
Electric power 24V DC

CM30 Weapon System

Automatic cannon 2A42 30mm
Coax machine gun PKT 7.62mm
Smoke grenade dispensers 902B (6 launchers)


30mm round types AP and HE-I
30mm ammo box capacity 125 + 130
7.62mm rounds 2000


Number of viewing devices 4
Sight 1
Day weapon laying channel optical
Day weapon laying channel II Gen image intensifier