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Participation in Defence Exhibitions

MILEX'2007 — Minsk Defense Exhibition

Minsk, Belarus, 22-25 May, 2007

Minotor-Service @ MILEX'2007

MILEX'2007 4th Minsk International Defence Exhibition took place in the BelExpo exhibitions center in 22-25 May, 2007. Minotor-Service participated in the exhibition with the 3T Fast Tracked Vehicle and BTR-70M-A1 Armored Recovery Vehicle (ARV).

MILEX'2005 — Minsk Defence Exhibition

Minsk, Belarus, 17-20 May, 2005

Minotor-Service @ MILEX'2005

SOFEX'2004 — International Defense Exhibition and Conference

Amman, Jordan, 26-29 April, 2004

Minotor-Service @ SOFEX'2004

From 26 to 29 April 2004 Minotor-Service participated in the Sofex-2004 Defence Exhibition.

Minotor-Service exhibited its upgraded ZSU-23-4M4 Shilka SPAAG and 3T Omni-Role Tracked Carrier.

Minotor-Service open static display at SOFEX-2004 was visited by His Royal Majesty King Abdullah II and His Royal Highness Prince Hamzah, Jordanian MoD representatives and foreign visitors.

IDEX'2003 — International Defence Exhibition and Conference

Abu-Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 16-20 March, 2003

Minotor-Service @ IDEX'2003

MILEX'2001 — Minsk Defence Exhibition

Minsk, Belarus, 15-18 May, 2001

Minotor-Service @ MILEX'2001

At MILEX'2001 Military Exhibition Minotor-Service presented the 2T Stalker Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance and ZSU-23-4M5 Shilka SPAAG on the static display.

The Minotor-Service display was visited by the Belarusian Defense Minister Col-Gen Leonid Maltsev and foreign VIP visitors.

IDEX'2001 — International Defence Exhibition and Conference

Abu-Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 18-22 March, 2001

Minotor-Service @ IDEX'2001

2T Stalker Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance was transported by a Belarusian MoD air-lifter to participate in IDEX 2001 International Defense Exhibition.

The vehicle had successfully demonstrated its capabilities during the live demonstration. The unusual design and wide spectrum of combat capabilities of the vehicle had aroused an interest among representatives of the participating companies.

MAKS'1999 — Moscow Air-Space Show

Zhukovski, Russia, August, 1999

Minotor-Service @ MAKS'1999

ZSU-23-4M4 Shilka SPAAG was displayed at MAKS'99 among such well-known Russian armaments as S-300PMU-2 SAM system, Sukhoi SU-39 multi-role fighter and others.

Presentations were made at the static display by representatives of Minotor-Service and Ulyanovsk Mechanical Plant (Ulyanovski Mekhanicheski Zavod — UMZ), a co-developer of the ZSU-23-4 upgrade package.

IDEX'1999 — International Defense Exhibition and Conference

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, March, 1999

Minotor-Service @ IDEX'1999

IDEX'99 became the "debut" of the upgraded ZSU-23-4M5 Shilka SPAAG. For the first time the vehicle was displayed at a most visited defense exhibition. Minotor-Service became the first Belarusian company bringing its live product to the Middle exhibition, and causing an interest among the visitors, participants, and organizers.