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IMT-72 Tactical Decoy

IMT-72 tactical decoy is designed for a complex imitation of the T-72 main battle tank. The decoy has dimensions of a T-72 MBT and is based on a trailer. The trailer holds turret imitator and accommodates external add-on elements (front and aft mudguards, side skirts, running gear mockup, gun barrel, AA machine gun, etc).

Transportation requirements for the decoy are similar to the requirements for the trailer. In the traveling position the decoy is identical to a trailer.

The decoy features distorting painting. The use of a heat generator produces effect of engine operation.

IMT-72 Tactical Decoy

The offered technology can be used to produce a mockup of any armored tracked vehicle.

The decoy is transfered from the transportation to the operational position through deployment of trailor sideboards and installation of mounted elements.

Radar and thermal signature of the decoy is identical to that of the original vehicle. In the deployed position the decoy can be moved within a 200 meter area. The design provides for the turret traverse capability.

IMT-72 Tactical Decoy Specifications

Chassis trailer
Decoy weight, kg within 3500
Deployment time (crew of three), min 20
Recovery time (crew of three), min 30
Imitation in the spectral waveband optical, IR, radar
Possibility of being identified as a real target 0.9