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Tracked Combat Vehicles

ЗРПК Тунгуска

Company Profile

Headquartered in Minsk, Belarus, Minotor-Service designs, manufactures and provides technical support for land and amphibious tracked combat vehicles designed for the use with ground forces and marine corps units.

Since its foundation back in 1991 Minotor-Service UE has been commited to providing high-quality and high-value products to each and every customer worldwide.

Minotor-Service Enterprise has continuously been the only Belarusian defense company involved in series repair and servicing of combat vehicles and military equipment by orders placed by the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Technical Solutions


Service Life Extension Program designed for the BTR-50PK Armored Personnel Carrier and BTR-50 family of vehicles (PT-76, BTR-50PU) allows to enhance their mobility, ergonomics and repairability, providing for the use of the upgraded vehicles jointly with the last-generation combat vehicles.


Cooperation Programs

ЗСУ-23-4 Шилка

A winning example of cooperation between Minotor-Service and leading Belarusian and Russian defense industry companies, ZSU-23-4 Shilka Self-Propelled AA Gun Upgrade Program, brings the vehicle up to the level of state-of-the-art short-range air-defense (SHORAD) systems.