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Mule Forward Area Supply Carrier (FASC)

The vehicle has been developed based on the experience gained by the ground forces used in the recent local conflicts. The armored tracked carrier is designated for delivery of ammunition, fuel and other supplies to the units deployed in the forward area.

The Mule FASC is capable of carrying 3 one-company ammunition packages (1 ammo kit per fighting unit).

The 8 cubic meter internal space volume and a 4 ton cargo capacity are practically equal to the capabilities of the Ural trucks currently operated by the ground forces.

Mule Forward Area Supply Carrier

Mule FASC Advantages

  • armored protection of the crew and the cargo
  • advanced cross-country capabilities
  • amphibious capability
  • increased crew and troop morale due to enchanced protection
  • armament provisions (7.62mm PKT machine gun)

Mule Forward Area Supply Carrier Specifications

Combat weight, kg 11300
Payload, kg 4000
Cargo platform capacity, m² 6.5
Cargo platform volume, m³ 8
Crew, men 2
Additional seats 4
Overall dimensions (L × W × H), mm 7210 × 2850 × 2450
Road clearance, mm 400
Armor protection bullet-proof
Armament 7.62mm machine gun
Engine power output, kW 220
Top speed over highway, km/h 60
Water speed. km/h 4-6
Fuel range, km 500