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PPMP Ambulance

The PPMP Mobile Ambulance is designed to deploy dressing stations providing first aid for the wounded or victims in combat or disaster areas.

The use of the MT-LBu multi-role tracked carrier as the base chassis ensures cross-country / off-road capability, amphibious capability, as well as protection of the crew from bullets and fragmentations.

PPMP Ambulance

The 8m³ compartment located in the rear part of the vehicle accommodates containers with medical equipment and tools, medicine and bandage storage, and fold-back seats for transporting lightly wounded personnel. Alternatively, the vehicle can accommodate three layers of stretchers for transporting badly wounded victims.

With the vehicle parked in a medical camp area a tent is deployed at the rear armor plate of the vehicle, in front of the rear hatch. The tent is then used to treat casualties in the field conditions. In the travel position the tent is stored in the containers placed alond the sides of the vehicle.

The vehicle if fitted with an NBC system, is air-conditioned and carriers a drinking water tank.

The autonomous electric power supply is provided by a portable diesel 5kW AC generator.

PPMP Ambulance

PPMP Ambulance Specifications

Chassis MT-LBu
Weight, kg within 11500
Payload, kg 4000
Overall dimensions:
– length
– width
– height
within 2450
Road clearance, mm 400
Armor protection bulletproof
Top speed, km/h 60
Fuel range, km:
– over highway
– over dirt road

no less than 500
no less than 400
Crew, men 2
Extra seats 4