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SM120 Self-Propelled Mortar

The SM120 Self-Propelled Mortar System is designated to defeat manpower, fire assets and vehicles in the open areas and in the field shelters. The mortar can be fired both from inside the vehicle and from the ground.

The SM120 Self-Propelled Mortar System is capable of providing fire support for an infantry battalion, as well as maintaining close interoperability with army units.

SM120 Self-Propelled Mortar

The use of SM120 dramatically increases survivability of the crew and the ammunition through armor protection, high mobility and short time required to change a firing position, and enhances mobility and cross-country capability of a combat unit it belongs to.

SM120 Self-Propelled Mortar Specifications

Chassis MT-LBu
Top speed, km/h 60
Crew, men 5
Mortar caliber, mm 120
Elevation, deg +45...+85
Traverse, deg -5...+5
Max fire range, m 7200
Ammunition, rounds 48