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STK-59GMS Mobile Workshop

STK-59GMS mobile welding/processing workshop is essentially a tracked chassis accommodating processing compartment and hydraulic manipulator.

The workshop is based on the ATS-59G tracked tow tractor that features high maneuverability and cross-country capability.

STK-59GMS Mobile Workshop

The tow tractor is fitted with a hitch-mechanism enabling it to tow a trailor. The connection head of the pneumatic system of the chassis allows using the pneumatic drive of the trailor brake control. The tow tractor is fitted with a starting preheater, enabling low-temperature engine starting. The primary engine starting is by an electric starter with the secondary starting by air. The vehicle is fitted with a winch installed in the rear part of the chassis. The enclosed cab of the tractor ensures comfortable work for a crew of six.

STK-59GMS Mobile Workshop

The processing compartment comprises enclosed heat-insulated box-body accommodating two diesel-powered Ranger 305D CE welding plants and an oven for drying welding electrodes with a 40kg capacity. Two containers accommodating 6 compressed air bottles (carbon dioxide and argon) are located outside the processing compartment. The hydraulic manipulator controlled from inside the cab is installed in the front part of the chassis. The manipulator capacity with the maxed boom-out is 770 kg.

STK-59GMS Mobile Workshop Specifications

Chassis type tracked, high-speed
Workshop weight, kg within 16500
Maximum specific ground pressure, kgf/cm² 0.52
Maximum weight of the towed trailor, kg 14000
Dimensions (L × H × W), mm 7200 × 2780 × within 3250
Track gauge, mm 2200
Length of the track support surface, mm 3315
Ground clearance, mm 425
Loading height of the processing compartment platform, mm 1150
Max speed, km/h 39
Max speed by earth road (without trailer / with trailer), km/h 29...30 / 22...27
Min turn radius, mm 3400...3500
Max drag force on the tow hook, kgf 13600
Average fuel consumption (with trailer / without trailer), l/km 1.52 / 1.63
Average oil consumption, l/100km within 8.15
Fuel range, km 350
Fuel tank capacity, l 580
Max gradient (with trailer / without trailer), deg 18...20 / 35
Max side slope, deg 25
Fording, m 1,1
Crew 6


Engine type V-type 12-cylinder naturally aspirated water-cooled diesel
Fuel type GOST 305-82 DL, DZ and DA diesel fuel
Max power output @ 1700 rpm, hp 300
Max torque @ 900…1000 rpm, kgf×m 150...165
Max engine rpm 1850


Winch type reversible winch with draw rollers,
mechanical tow cable retraction
and unloaded stacker drum
Max drag force, kgf 15000
Operating length of the tow cable, m 100
Tow cable diameter, mm 20.5
Max speed of the tow cable retracting / reel-in, m/min 15.07


Manipulator type hydraulic, with remote control
Max lifting moment of the manipulator, kgf×m 5000
Max boom of the manipulator, mm 7000
Max turning moment of the manipulator, kgf×m 1600
Max boom of the telescopic part, mm 1450
Max pressure in the hydraulic system, kg×f/cm² 210
Manipulator weight, kg 980