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TZM122 Ammunition Carrier / Resupply Vehicle

TZM122 Ammunition Carrier / Resupply Vehicle

TZM122 Ammunition Carrier / Resupply Vehicle is designated for artillery ammunition storage and transportation.

TZM122 ammunition carrier enables:

  • advanced mobility and cross-country capability for a vehicle of the class
  • closer interoperability with firing units
  • battery ammunition allowance increase by 1.5 times (720 rounds versus 480 rounds)
  • enhanced survivability due to the crew and ammunition protection from bullets and fragmentations
  • direct transfer of artillery rounds into the 122mm 2S1 Gvozdika self-propelled howitzer

TZM122 resupply vehicle is distinguished by:

  • advanced armor protection of the crew and the ammunition
  • mobility, maneuverability and enhanced cross-country capability
  • amphibious capability
TZM122 Ammunition Carrier / Resupply Vehicle

The use of the TZM122 Ammunition Carrier / Resupply Vehicle provides enhanced mobility and protection for self-propelled and towed artillery batteries.

The vehicle can be configured for transporting 130mm and 152mm artillery rounds.

TZM122 Ammunition Carrier Specifications

Chassis MT-LBu
Combat weight, kg within 15000
Overall dimensions, mm:
– length
– width
– height
within 7300
within 2900
within 2570
Road clearance, mm 400
Ammunition stowage, 122mm rounds 80
Armor protection bullet-proof
Armament 7.62mm machine gun turret
Top speed, km/h 60
Fuel range, km:
– over highway
– over dirt road
no less than 500
no less than 400
Crew, men 2
Number of extra seats 4