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ZSU-23-4 Shilka Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun (SPAAG)

ZSU-23-4 Shilka upgrade program includes packages for the AA artillery system and the tracked chassis. Additionally the vehicle acquires reduced optical and infrared signature.

The upgrade program envisions use of state-of-the-art communications and navaids. The crew life support is facilitated by turret air-conditioner.

ZSU-23-4 Self-Propelled AA Gun

Weapon System

Advanced combat capabilities of the AA artillery system are achieved by:

  • transition of the radar instrument unit to solid-state electronics
  • use of digital signal processing
  • advanced jam-resistance of the radar against passive jamming and ground clutter
  • enhanced reliability of detecting and tracking tactical and ground-attack aircraft including low-flying, maneuvering and sudden threats, helicopters, cruise missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles
  • replacement of the ballistic calculator by a joint digital computing system (DCS), interfacing with the weapon system laying actuators through a digital instrument tracking system (DITS)

The real-time evaluation of the combat readiness of the fire control system is ensured by a system of automated control over the electronics equipment operability.

The DCS enables automated control over the technical condition of the radar, testing of the fire-control system functioning, and weapon operator drills / training.

ZSU-23-4 Self-Propelled AA Gun

The upgrade of the fire-control system ensures enhanced accuracy of weapon laying and target tracking and, consequently, increase in the air threat hit probability from 0.07-0.12 for unupgraded vehicle to 0.3-0.6 for upgraded vehicle. According to the statistics gathered during live firings, unupgraded vehicle consumes 3300-5700 rounds per destroyed target, versus 300-600 for upgraded vehicle.

Tracked Chassis

Upgrade of the tracked chassis is aimed at:

  • improving specifications of the tracked chassis systems
  • increasing the speed of the vehicle
  • enhancing drivers compartment ergonomics
  • enhancing repairability
  • reducing maintenance time
GM-575 Tracked Chassis

Upgrade of the tracked chassis results in:

  • acquiring a capability of escorting modern MBT convoys by the upgraded ZSU-23-4 Shilka providing air coverage due to the maximum speed increased from 50 to 60km/h and average speed over dry earth roads increased from 30 to 40km/h
  • efforts on the vehicle controls reduced to comply with the required ergonomic standards

Upgrade Options

  • Installation of a launcher with two Igla surface-to-air missiles increasing the kill zone to 5.2km
  • Installation of a self-protection and laser-warning system
  • Replacement of active viewing devices by passive ones
  • Replacement of the APU gas-turbine engine by a more economical diesel engine
ZSU-23-4 Self-Propelled AA Gun

ZSU-23-4M4 / ZSU-23-4M5 Specifications

Combat weight, kg 19200
Armor protection bullet-proof
Top speed, km/h 60
Fuel range, km 400
Powerplant water-cooled diesel
Max power output / RPM, hp. / rpm 280 / 2000
Power transmission mechanical with hydrostatic steering
Brakes disk, dry friction
Suspension independent torsion-bar
APU 3-phase AC and DC
AC nominal power, kW 20
DC nominal power, kW 8
APU engine GTE

Система вооружения

Caliber / number of barrels, mm / pcs. 23 / 4
Slant fire range, m 2500
Ammo, rounds 2000
Max burst length (one barrel), rounds 150
Radar detection range, m 12000
Radar tracking range, m 10000
OLS detection range, m 8000
OLS tracking range, m 7500
FCS ROM capacity, Mb 2
Digital instrument tracker 2-channel traverse / elevation unit
Multi-function training device crew training in all modes

Auxiliary Equipment

NBC protection overpressure
Fire-suppression system automatic
Air-conditioner cooling performance, kcal/h 4000
Front driver's TV-camera color
Rear-view driver's TV-camera black and white
Driver's display LCD